Being frustrated with trying to learn how to draw and paint can make talent seem important, but Talent Is An Illusion

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•How is Talent an Illusion?
One thing I’ve noticed when teaching painting and drawing workshops is that the smallest amount of guidance and feedback can have a monumental impact on someone trying to improve. Sometimes this guidance is in regards to materials, other times it has more to do with clarifying the steps a student should take while building their drawing – but most commonly this transformation occurs as the result of 10 or so small, easy to make adjustments.
Therefore I’ve created a learning platform for drawing and painting that does three primary things: Demonstrate, Explain, and Interact. In my life drawing tutorial  I Demonstrate a 3.5 hour figure drawing from a live model, I Explain what I’m doing in real time, and you can Interact with myself and others afterwords – sharing your own drawings and questions, and receiving feedback directly from me. By connecting with me directly I can make sure you get the specific feedback you need to improve.

••Here is a Free Tutorial••
Let me email you a free tutorial video on how I mix up flesh colors with oil paint. I’ll show you the basics to my palette, and the thinking behind why I organize my colors in this way – along with some examples of how I’ve used this palette. Click here for your free video.


•Knowledge of Anatomy is Not Important
In fact, beginners actually face more of a challenge learning how to draw the figure when they prioritize anatomy. In my tutorials I will show you how I observe the figure, and the simple step by step process I use to carefully build my drawing.

•Give me $8, and I’ll give you an entire month to view my videos and interact with me personally. 
When you subscribe to my tutorials I’m not just leaving you with hours of informative video content. I’m also making myself available to answer any questions you have, to critique your work, and to help you overcome the specific hurdles you face with your art.

•Transformation is Possible
The key to overcoming a plateau and transforming your skill level is connecting with someone that has been in that same place. I can help you first identify the biggest problems that you face with drawing and painting, and then give you clear feedback that takes the mystery out of the obstacle. You don’t need more talent in order to draw or paint better, you just need clarity from someone that has overcome the same problems you face.

Below I’ve answered some of the most common questions I get:

Q. I’ve tried to draw in the past but I don’t have any talent, isn’t this a problem?

A. This is a very common question, but there’s no truth to it. Talent is an illusion. When I started out I didn’t have talent, but I was able to improve because of two things: practice, and receiving guidance from people who already knew what they were doing. And guidance proved far more valuable than clueless hard work. Having someone demonstrate and explain drawing and painting helped me progress more in weeks than I had done in years by myself. We don’t need talent, we just need clarity, so give me the chance to clear up all the confusion.


Q. Can I subscribe yearly?

A. Yes! You can click here to subscribe for the yearly price.


Q. Do I get the same perks for subscribing monthly instead of yearly? Is one better than the other?

A. Each subscription grants you the exact same access, it’s just a matter of preferring $8 a month or $89 a year.


Q. Can I ask you questions directly?

A. YES. When I created this platform I wanted it to be interactive. You can ask me questions at any point, and I can help you overcome your specific obstacles. You can also share the work you do, and even share videos of your process. I can look over these and give you personalized feedback.


Q. How long is my $8 membership good for?

A. Your membership is good for one month from your time of purchase. You get access to every tutorial I’ve created and any new tutorials I add. You will also get access to a members only area where you can share your work and get personalized feedback from me.


Q. Can I watch these videos on my iphone or android?

A. Yes, These videos are watchable on all smartphones.

“Thank you so much! It looks like you’ve packed a lot into these videos. I look forward to settling in and watching each one. Also, congratulations on the progress you’ve made with this project! I know you’ve put a lot of work into it and I really appreciate it.”
-Puck Askew
“I’m so excited!! Thank you for articulating and sharing your talents and process. I’m really looking forward to learning from this material.”
-Aaron Richardson