A video segment from my artist talk and two new drawings


In this short video segment I summarize some of the guiding forces behind the compositions of my paintings.  I’ve also included two images of drawings that represent some of these influences, most notably pentimenti. While involved in the very time consuming process of realizing my own paintings and the equally time consuming process of paying the bills with commission paintings I’ve decided to direct some energy into creating these multi figure drawings. (more…)

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“Keep death and exile daily before thine eyes, with all else that men deem terrible, but more especially Death. Then wilt thou never think a mean thought, nor covet anything beyond measure.” -Epictetus


About a year ago I posted a time-lapse video consisting of a hundred skulls being painted, each measuring 4×5″.  Since then I’ve painted about a hundred more and put together a show of them in Asheville.  The title I gave the show was Catacombs, and the location I chose was Izzy’s, a small narrow dark cafe resounding with moody instrumental music.


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Creating a Composition and Gathering Insight

“Because of the envious nature of men, it has always been no less dangerous to find new methods and institutions than to look for unknown seas and lands, since men are readier to blame than to praise the actions of others.  Nevertheless […] although it may be irksome and difficult, it can also bring me a reward from those who are kind enough to keep in mind the goal of these labors of mine.  And if my poor intellect, my slight experience of current affairs, and my feeble knowledge of ancient ones make this attempt of mine imperfect and of little use, it will at least show the way to someone with more ability and a greater capacity for analysis and judgment, who can carry out this intention of mine, which, although it may not bring me praise, should not earn me blame.”                                          –Machiavelli, The Discourses

On Sundays I plant myself in Izzy’s café with an assortment of books.  As I read I mine for anything useful.  I mine through books mostly of philosophy and theory, underlining, noting, and trying to gauge the value of each new find, trying not to forget the majority of everything as time passes.  Even if I leave it at that, making no further attempt to organize the bulk of it all, I come away feeling stirred and inspired.  If I put a little more time in the following evening and try to compile the various pieces, try to form a new coherent whole that lends my own work strength, I grow more inspired and confident, witnessing my own literary golem begin to emerge, taking up my cause with its mismatched parts sourced from various pages. Ergo my plan, to carefully over time puzzle together an outlook and position increasingly supportive of my own aesthetic.


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