A video segment from my artist talk and two new drawings

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In this short video segment I summarize some of the guiding forces behind the compositions of my paintings.  I’ve also included two images of drawings that represent some of these influences, most notably pentimenti. While involved in the very time consuming process of realizing my own paintings and the equally time consuming process of paying the bills with commission paintings I’ve decided to direct some energy into creating these multi figure drawings.

One condition I decided on for the drawings that I don’t impose on the paintings is to strive for complex overlays and repetitions without much foresight as to the end design. Therefore I have to make design based decisions each step of the way and bare with a slow compositional development.  Approaching the drawings in this way forced me to incorporate less than desirable design results by working with and improving upon them as opposed to editing them out from the beginning before any drawing had taken place. This snails pace of compositional development also let me become more aware of general guiding principles of design that are unique to the aesthetic I’m working towards and will be useful in the future development of my larger paintings.  The result were drawings with true accidental pentimenti that I worked over to include as an effective part of the total design.  I’ll be continuing to add to this new body of work and I’m happy to say that Mari, the drawing on the left, has already sold!